Spectator Information

ATTENTION SPECTATORS - As spectators, you may choose to be in close proximity to the volleyball courts. Risk of injury and death from flying objects incidental to the sport of volleyball may occur at this event. Attend at your own risk. Please pay close attention to your surroundings and be on alert at all times, especially during active play.

Wristbands available closer to event

Please note your receipt will read Tournaments Inc.

WEEKEND 2 ON May 5-6.
Please be sure you are purchasing wristbands for the correct weekend.

How to Make an Online Purchase?

  1. Click the ticket above once spectator registration opens
  2. Select the number of adult and/or child wristbands you would like to purchase
  3. Checkout and complete the transaction with your preferred form of payment
  4. Open the confirmation email - click the "Download Tickets" box at the bottom
    *You may need to display images to see the box. The email is NOT your ticket.
  5. Print or take a screenshot of the barcoded ticket & bring it to the playing venue to redeem your wristband(s)
    *We are also able to scan the barcode directly from your phone/tablet